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Moto, crew aboard the interstellar hauler Far Mountain Sunrise, wakes up from the long sleep ahead of schedule. Kawat needs her to use her skills: he needs her to get the weapon systems online. They're on the long drop towards a bitter enemy, and they need firepower.

Parsimon Crowley, captain of the Memory Of Murder, an ancient planet-splitter, believes he has found evidence of alien intelligence, the Tower, on an otherwise uninhabited planet. First contact, he believes, is at hand.

Originally made for the Fermi Paradox Jam, run by Loren Schmidt and Everest Pipkin

Edited by Katie Clover


Buy Now2.00€ EUR or more

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Hi Calum, any chance of rolling this up as an epub?


Hey! Not right now, but I've been meaning to wrap my head around making epub documents for a while, so I'm not discounting the possibility.

Ok, understood. Thanks for the quick reply. Bought it anyway. 😉

I realize it's too late now; you must've read it by now.  But you can use (the free) Calibre ebook library management software to convert PDFs to EPUB.  Results are not as good as a published EPUBs, but serviceable.