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You are a crack team of spies, operatives on Her Majesty’s Secret Service, fighting against the plans of dastardly terrorists, mercenaries, assassins, and megalomaniacs across the world amidst the Cold War.

This is a game of action, suspense, and above all, style. You’ll Fight henchmen atop speeding trains, Seduce people who are guarding valuable information, and Rush to catch the plane as it leaves the runway, all while grappling with your own vices, be they alcohol, danger, gambling, or sex.

The Spies That Death Forgot takes the Forged in the Dark engine and compresses it into a tight, plot-driven package designed for one-shots, short campaigns, or long campaigns covering multiple stories. It gives players the tools they need to play suave, sexy spies, and the GM the tools they need to run propulsive espionage action stories in the vein of James Bond or Mission: Impossible.

You can find the official playlist here.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorCalum Grace
GenreRole Playing
Tagsespionage, Forged in the Dark


Buy Now5.00€ EUR or more

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This is a fantastic, concise game for delivering Cold War-era spy thriller action. Well worth the quite low asking price.


This is 11 pages long -- basically just a cheat sheet -- and not really worth 5€, IMHO.