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The future of humanity was the spitter craft. It took us to distant stars, flung us out into the starry nothing. We formed the Panhuman Diaspora. We thought ourselves an evolved species.

We aren't.

Wars, greed, isolation, suffering; all of these still exist, and we the spitter crew exist for one reason only: to exploit it all. What will we do, out here in the blackness of space, just to turn a profit? Oh, don't worry. No-one's watching. Promise.

A NOCTURNE is a hard sci-fi RPG that casts the players as the crew of an interstellar spitter craft - a vast, weird, scarred old spaceship - and charges them with a simple task: make Profit by any means necessary. Will they be smugglers and thieves? Scavengers? Diplomats? Con artists? Or mere war-criminals, leaving nothing but dust in their wake? Will they let their Damage consume them and their craft, or will they rise above it and retire to some peaceful world, rich as kings? Will they even survive 'til the next inhabited system?

We play to find out what happens.


A_NOCTURNE_playtest_v0-6.pdf (4 MB)

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