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The future of humanity was the spitter craft. It took us to distant stars, flung us out into the starry nothing. We formed the Panhuman Diaspora. We thought ourselves an evolved species.

We aren't.

Wars, greed, isolation, suffering; all of these still exist, and we the spitter crew exist for one reason only: to exploit it all. What will we do, out here in the blackness of space, just to turn a profit? Oh, don't worry. No-one's watching. Promise.

A NOCTURNE is a hard sci-fi RPG that casts the players as the crew of an interstellar spitter craft - a vast, weird, scarred old spaceship - and charges them with a simple task: make Profit by any means necessary. Will they be smugglers and thieves? Scavengers? Diplomats? Con artists? Or mere war-criminals, leaving nothing but dust in their wake? Will they let their stress and guilt consume them and their craft, or will they rise above it and retire to some peaceful world, rich as kings? Will they even survive 'til the next inhabited system?

You can purchase A NOCTURNE's current version below, or download the sheets for free if you just want to check it out! Updates to the game are ongoing, so keep your third eye peeled.

... See you amongst the haunted stars ...


Buy Now15.00€ EUR or more

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Beautiful, so looking forward to the Forged in the Dark Stand-Alone Version. This Game very much deserves its own book.


Hey Calum, so happy to see all the progress.  Any idea when you'll be offering print versions?

This game is super sweet. Filled with haunting writing and evocative art. The mechanics really support the tone and themes.

E.g. You can choose to have your character work on a long term project for a century while the rest of the crew sleeps off the trip between stars if you're willing to resist the psychological and physical harm.

Excellent work. I hope to see this in print someday.

This is such a great game! I wish I could find someone to play it with. 

Can you please continue development of this? It looks like a very interesting idea, and I would love to run it some time.



Development is continuing apace on the latest version!

Good to hear, and do you have any advice for someone planning on DMing a game of this?



I will say that the rules (and thus some of the GMing assumptions) are changing a little in the latest version, but core Apocalypse World et al.  guidelines apply to GMing, since that's my preferred style, what I'm aiming for with the game, and what the game its kind of based on (John Harper's Blades in the Dark) does best: 1) Start with a bang, but let things go where they'll go after that. 2) Fiction first! Let everything, including rolls, dangers, challenges, Scale, etc. flow from the conversation you and the rest of the players are having at the table. 3) Have some basic prep (a cluster ready to go, maybe with some ideas for dangers, opportunities, or factions jotted down), but don't go too far before play begins - you don't know where play will take you, so run with it! Check in with your prep after every session or couple of sessions to make sure you're keeping things straight or to embellish stuff/push the pieces around as needed. Don't spend too long on this. Roll dice to figure stuff out if needed. Rinse, repeat. 4) As always, be a fan of the player characters, and play your NPCs  like you're taking joyrides in stolen cars.

The game as is on this page isn't the friendliest game to run or play, but that should be remedied in the next version. Lots of changes to come!