A Nocturne v0.8 release

A Nocturne v0.8 is out! This version contains a tonne of small updates, lots of streamlining, and some general quality of life improvements. For play you'll need copies of the main pdf and the sheets pdf (attached to this post), though I'm leaving the cluster creation rules up here as well in case you want to make your own sandboxes.

Change log:

  • The rather byzantine Compromise rules have been slimmed down and turned into the much more situational and fictionally-driven Do The Math, and all associated special abilities have been restructured/reworded. You'll find this new approach to the rule is deceptively simple, and infinitely more evil.
  • Taking your time and pushing for speed have been cut, as I felt like Blades' built-in position and effect handle that stuff handily without needing all that extra cruft and decision paralysis.
  • Interstellar travel has had a streamlining overhaul - years elapsed is no longer listed as a specific number, but now a more widely-useful descriptor ("a handful of years," "several decades," that sort of thing), something that I felt was more in line with both Blades' loose approach to time and A Nocturne's detached spitter-crews.
  • Also new to interstellar travel - a few more options for how you choose to travel, with their own costs, benefits, and downsides.
  • Coldsleep is no longer rolled for, and life support & maintenance no longer has a fiddly crew member limit, and has now been explicitly rolled into downtime.
  • Some extra sub-steps have been added to Craft Creation to hook the craft into the cluster and get some extra faction statuses in play from the get-go.
  • Set the Ram's Horn Cluster as A Nocturne's default sandbox.
  • Added maps for each of the cluster's systems.
  • Reworded and renamed several special abilities.
  • Wrote some commentary on the Panhuman Diaspora and its technology.
  • The main .pdf is now bookmarked for your quick reference needs.
  • Made it better, promise.

Still to come:

  • Random Score generator
  • An example Score
  • Starting Situations for the three craft types
  • Changes to anything heinous that the ongoing play-test game flags up
  • ???


A-Nocturne_v0-8.pdf 1 MB
May 20, 2018
A-Nocturne_sheets_v0-8.pdf 6 MB
May 20, 2018


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