A NOCTURNE v1.0 Release

The new version of A NOCTURNE is up and available for purchase (or download, if you've already bought the game)! This is the official v1.0 release, which isn't quite standalone yet (you'll still need the Blades in the Dark rulebook or SRD for it to function fully) but is full of lots of new artwork, a new layout, and some minor rules additions and tweaks based on playtest feedback.

You'll notice that the new version has an increased price - this is largely because, given the amount of time I've put into this game (over two years of development thus far!) and all of the new artwork and layout work that needed to go into v1.0's creation, I couldn't continue charging such a small amount. The game is truly becoming A Game in its own right now, so it needs to be priced like one. Never fear, though - anyone who already purchased the game should have access to the new version free of charge in your itch.io library.

So, what's next for A NOCTURNE? Going into the new year, I'm going to be working on getting this thing fully standalone as a Forged in the Dark game, with all the basic rules gubbins and suchlike added in so you can play and run it at your table without also having to reference Blades in the Dark. That's going to be another price-bump, but for now anyone who has purchased already, or purchases at the €15 level, will get any future updates free as usual!

In the meantime, let me know what you think (you can find my contact info at the end of the rulebook), feel free to flag any glaring spelling or grammar mistakes (it's a big book y'all, I'm bound to have missed something), and good hunting out there in the panhuman diaspora!


A-Nocturne_v1.zip 75 MB
Nov 02, 2019
A-Nocturne_v1_SHEETS.pdf 41 MB
Nov 02, 2019


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I can't wait to pour over this!  Congratulations, Calum!